Interview with Christian Ribitzki – Founder of The Hutong Club

Launched some months ago, Munich´s The Hutong Club is (no doubt…) one of the city´s hottest culinaric spots. An awesome authentic, cozy designed restaurant we were all looking for. Our editor sat down with the founder Christian Ribitzki for a quick talk about the concept, menu and some insights.


Wow, you released one of Munich´s hottest restaurant spots. How dit it all start?

Bringing inspired, authentic Chinese cuisine to Munich was on my mind over the last few years. Travelling all over the world, I discovered the real Chinese food – in China. I saw a lot of thrilling places in San Fransisco, New York or London and wanted to create this melting pot location in Munich. It became my passion and learning and how to create the perfect dumpling my challenge. My intention was to celebrate best Chinese cuisine and give it the perfect stage, creating an exiting, exhilarating atmosphere. After closing my former restaurant “Eisbach“ after more than 16 years, it finally became concrete and going trough a good year of intensive research and planning we were ready to start last year.

What´s the story behind your restaurant name Hutong Club?

During that year before opening I spend quite a while in China and spotted all these cool bars, clubs, little restaurants and street food kitchen, located in the „Hutongs”, those country yards, surrounding the forbidden city in Peking. A vibrant, urban little cosmos! The name „The Hutong Club“ was born.

Any tipps what we shouldn´t miss from your tasty menu card?

You definitely can´ leave The Hutong Club, without having some of our all homemade dumplings and dim sum. In the meantime we are quite famous for those and there must be reason why (laughing)! A highlight of our new menu is the whole roasted crispy „Pei Pa Duck“, a variety of Peking duck. Fingerlicking delicious!!

You are also strong in fine cocktails? What´s the top seller drink?

Yes, we are proud of our selection of unusual, exceptional cocktails. Try our“ Undercover Choc“ with rum, chocolate bitters, mandarine and chili, or“ Bombay Rise“ with saffron, cardamom and gin!

Any plans for the future? What can Munich expect from your team?

Right now we focus all our energy on The Hutong Club, to raise your kid successfully needs a lot of attention. But you never know, maybe soon its time for a little brother or sister. So watch out!


More information:

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 18:00 to 01.00


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