Behind the brand: Aqua Monaco

We sat together with the creative minds behind Munich´s Aqua Monaco. Read the quick chat about water, business & creativity…

How did it all start start? Why did you step into the water business with Aqua Monaco?

It all started with the idea to build the first local mineral water brand of Munich. We had this great name in mind and found out about the fantastic quality of the water deep down in the “Münchner Schotterebene” – two really good reasons to get started.

Aqua Monaco looks very design/art related. Are you designing all products, media etc. by yourselfs?

Yes, everything is designed by ourselves. We believe it is the most direct and most personal way to communicate the world of Aqua Monaco.

After water you came up with tonics, lemon and many more cool bar drinks. Tell us something more about this tasty stuff…

We started the „tasty stuff“ with a small range of classic mixers: tonic water, bitter lemon, ginger ale and soda water. From there we developed a wider range of very innovative mixers over the last years: „Golden Monaco“, the first extra dry tonic water, in collaboration with Klaus St. Rainer (Goldene Bar/Munich). „Hot Monaco“, a „Ginger Beer“ which contains cold pressed ginger-root. „Black Monaco“, a cola made especially for mixing … One thing is very important for all our products: They are all based on our great mineral water, contain 100% natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives.

Since 2015 you offer the world´s first bio tonic whater. What´s so special about?

„Green Monaco“ is our latest release – and we really love it. It is the first organic herbal tonic water without any quinine. It is an organic bitters-style drink based on herbal extracts of menyanthes, gentian root, rosemary, lavender flowers and lemon balm. All botanicals are obtained from thoroughly inspected organic farms, and are carefully macerated by hand. Green Monaco is highly compatible with gin, and also harmonises perfectly with many other spirits, such as bourbon, rye, rum, brandy, vermouth and so on. Straight and on the rocks, Green Monaco – with its slight hint of bitterness – is also a deliciously refreshing soft drink.

What are your plans for the future? Any hot new developments?

We are constantly experimenting with new flavours – but at the moment we have no idea what will make it into production.

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