Munich´s Terry O’Neill exhibition about David Bowie

Gallery Stephen Hoffman shows limited photographs of David Bowie taken by the British photographer legend Terry O’Neill.

Few people captured the changing personas of David Bowie like Terry O’Neill. The legendary British photographer first met Bowie in the early ’70s, when the musician was deep into his Ziggy Stardust period, and for years afterward, O’Neill would witness Bowie’s many evolutions, from Diamond Dogs to the Thin White Duke and, finally, the facade stripped away, the artist in full possession of both his talent and his image.

Terry O’Neill, whose coveted work hangs in national galleries and private collections worldwide, has produced covers for Time, Newsweek, Stern, Paris Match, The Sunday Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and many others over the course of his six-decade career. Since he first picked up a camera in 1958, he has photographed presidents, prime ministers, rock stars, Oscar winners and the British Royal Family. His work has delivered iconic movie posters, album covers and fashion plates for the world’s top designers.

Story behind the picture:
Taken as a publicity shoot for the LP “Diamond Dogs”. As Terry started to shoot with the dog sitting quietly besides Bowie, it suddenly got over excited and reared six feet into the air barking madly. This terrified the life out of everyone in the studio, except Bowie who didn’t even flinch.

Short facts:

Gallery Stephen Hoffman
Prannerstr. 5
80333 Munich

More info about the exhibition:

The exhibition runs from 20.01. to 20.02.2016.

Check more Terry O´Neill works on Artnet:


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