Interview with the creative minds from Heiland beer liquer

Three Brothers – one liquer: Heiland! Read the story behind….

What’s the idea behind Heiland and why “Heiland”?

Liqueur made of beer was always a boring spirit in bad design. We saw the opportunity to create a beer liqueur, which is perfect in taste with a great look, young and esthetic. With this vision we startet to work on our genius recipe. After all we finished that goal. The name is the result of the former beer brewing monks. Related to them we had our HEILAND, which means saviour.  


What’s special about Heiland?

The design – the taste – and the story behind. 
HEILAND tastes like malt, chocolate and orange, very aromatic. We created a new type of spirit.

The Heiland brothers – too much family love or a genius business idea?

We are two brothers and one friend. With the same thaught to put an idea into real, we started to found our company. It was a genius idea, with a lot of work as pioneers. Our great constellation depends more on luck then on something else.


How attached are you to Munich?

Munich is our homebase, so we are living and working in this great city for many years.


How do you enjoy your Heiland?

In summertime we enjoy our HEILAND as a „Spritz“ variation, together with Ginger Ale or Tonic water. In the wintertime we´d like to drink our special cappucino, which means warm HEILAND together with a foam of milk or cream. But the classic one for a relaxed evening is pure – without anything.


Your plans and wishes for the future?

Since a few weeks we got our own production area and entering Europe and Germnay at the same time. The target is to make the HEILAND more famous and establish beer liqueur as a high quality spirit.


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