Refugin – Enjoy your drink. Twice!

What’s the idea behind refugin?

Refugin is a play on words with the words refugee and gin. The idea behind Refugin was to create a gin for a good cause: 100% of the profit of refugin are donated to an education project for refugees – the SchlaU-Schule Munich.


What’s your concern/your wish?

With Refugin everyone can help, even in an indirect way. You enjoy drinking Gin-Tonic? Than why not drink Refugin-Tonic and support the integration of young refugees into our society.


What’s special about refugin? How does it taste?

Of course the idea behind Refugin. But for sure the taste is as important to us as our concern. Therefore we worked closely with a gin distillery with a long family tradition and experience and also with bartenders from all over the country. The result is a classical London Dry Gin with a slightly citric aroma. Refugin can be enjoyed pure and works perfect in longdrinks and cocktails. Our gin does good and tastes good!!


What are your future plans?

We do not know yet… In Germany we would say that Refugin was a “Schnapsidea”, so we´ll see what comes next. But it’s seems to work. We started with 1200 bottles but the demand increases.


Really important… where can I buy refugin?

But soon in some hip stores around. One first is the concept store of Souve Bag Company (Corneliusstr. 2 near Gärtnerplatz)


One last message?

Enjoy your drink. Twice!


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