Acapulco chair – Viva la Mexico from Munich

Hamrock and chair melt into the Acapulco chair – a classic in design, elegant and comfortable. Born in the 50s in Acapulco, Mexico, the chair now celebrates its comeback with fresh models, new materials but still in the original look. We met Benjamin Caja, the man behind the Munich based brand Acapulco Design, for a quick talk…

The Acapulco chair is a classic among design chairs, why a remake?

Its midcentury style in general is timeless and the younger European generations are yearning for a new lifestyle that combines comfort with aesthetics. The Acapulco Chair reflects both parts in a perfect composition. Thats what makes it such a desirable product. Our mission is to bring another perspective to Acapulco Chair lovers in Germany and Europe. It is a lot more than just a chair standing in a garden or by a pool. Instead it is a design icon with relevance for all our todays design aficionados.

What is your special connection to Mexico? How often are you there?

My connection to Mexico has a long tradition, mainly because very good friends live there. I am visiting Mexico 2-3 times a year and it is very easy to adopt their fantastic lifestyle. Let me tell you a very short story: For producing the Acapulco Design company pictures we randomly picked a taxi, squeezed in an Acapulco Chair and looked for good photographic solutions along our ways. My brother who mainly focuses on street photography liked this approach and I think the outcome of the photos speaks for itself. My partner in Mexico always said „tranquilo que vamos con prisa“ which means „don´t stress, we are in a hurry“.

Sustainability and fair productions conditions are pretty important nowadays, how are your chairs manufactured?

Sustainability has become an inflationary trend word, so I mainly try to avoid it. But of course a fair production is key for our company`s success. All our products are handcrafted with high quality local materials. Also we keep a very close eye on the work environment and the fair payment of all our workers and component suppliers.

Pretty important, where can we buy your chairs in Munich?

You can find our Acapulco Chairs at the following stores:
Lehel: Thiersch15
City: Kokon and Room to Dream
Maxvorstadt: Cedon Shop at Pinakothek der Moderne, Stadthaus München
Haidhausen: Stein11
Of course you can also go to Goldene Bar and relax in one of our chairs there…

What are your plans for the future?

We are passionately working on a brand new chair at the moment. It will be launched by early 2016. Furthermore we definitely want to popularize more Mexican products. So you can look forward to seeing many more Acapulco Design products such as cushions, blankets, lamps and other accessories. 2016 will be a very interesting part of a journey that has just begun…

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