Interview with Dean & David founder David Baumgartner

Since 2007 the Munich-based company dean&david has been offering fast, healthy and entirely fresh cuisine. The company now has more than ten stores in Munich and more than 50 outlets in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. The dean&david philosophy includes, among other factors, the use of natural and vitamin-rich foods which are certified free from artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers. The ingredients are delivered fresh in the morning and then made into delicious dishes – simple, healthy food freshly prepared by hand! We had a talk with David, the creative mind behind…

From Munich to a global player in healthy fast food… How did it all start?

When I finished university I had absolutely no idea what to do. So I went on a six month world trip, on which I got the idea of starting dean&david.

How long did it take from the initial idea to the first dean&david restaurant?

The idea was born 2005, the first store opened in 2007. No doubt, the hardest 2 years of my life. Never knowing if it’s gonna work, if the bank finally gives you the needed money, hundreds of retail store owners don´t want you and so on…

What mistakes from the early beginnings were total unnecessary?

Haha, there were so many mistakes, I can’t even remember them all. But in the end it worked, that’s what matters and most of them seemed somehow to teach me something…

As a role model for young entrepreneurs, any tips how to “do it right”?

It’s tough, most people I met in life are not made for it. Stay true to yourself, be honest, give up in time when it does not work and at the end listen to yourself, no matter what the rest tells you.

Healthy food is one of the big trends of our time. Where do we stand in ten years?

It´ll stay pretty interesting. There are going to be dramatic changes in the way we cook (roboter kitchens) the way we get food (amazon fresh) the way our body tells us what we eat (Apple iWatch) and the healthy lifestyle is going to keep on growing.

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