“Goldene Bar” – A cool mix of charm, fun and a bit of looseness…

Five years of Munich´s famous “Goldene Bar”, time to look behind the bar. A short interview with Mr. Klaus St. Rainer, the creative founder and worldwide known mixology icon.

How did you come up with the idea of becoming a bartender?

More by accident…. I was working during a Gala at the Bayrischer Hof Hotel when I stumbled across the grand lobby, I was electrified… From this second on in 1985, I knew what I want to do with my life, I was thirteen. With nineteen I began several jobs in the night life where I discovered my new love: the bar… and mixing drinks is still my passion!


Why a bar inside a museum?

Drinking requires not only it’s time but also its place. The “Goldene Bar” is something unique, the rooms with their special atmosphere, the art, the light… a place like this you can´t find a second time.

What´s special about the “Goldene Bar”? What about its guests?

Our ambition is to work on the highest level regarding quality but what’s special here is that we mix it with charm, fun and a bit of looseness. Most of the really good bars in the world are to formal. Drinking is fun! At the “Goldene bar” you will find good drinks, sweet music and down to earth atmosphere, this combination I would call exceptional. Next to the man wearing a suit and drinking a beer you will find the surfer boy coming out of the English Garden with his wetsuit enjoying a rum-oldfashioned. Everyone enjoys the golden shine of the “Goldene Bar”, that’s what I work for day by day.

What are your wishes and goals for the future?

To remain true to myself and to continually improve in every aspect.

How would you characterize a good drink?

A good drink has to fit to the situation, the weather, the music, the light… Everything plays a decisive role!

One last tip…

Cocktail of the house: the “Haus der Kunst Cocktail”


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